Brett Senna was born on October 4th 1988 as a dedicated artist. Pursuing black and white photography in high school led Brett to practice arts as a profession. With an entrepreneur spirit Brett questioned how photography could be monetized. I found that digital publishing and print with graphic design was my next level to improve my visual communication skills.

With several years behind the computer and camera, it was time to present an array of professional practices. Brett Senna assembled Digital 01 Media as a one stop digital media solution for small and large business. With an Associates degree in Visual Communications from an award winning design shop that provided real work experience Brett searched for his next challenge in art! After his Associates Degree, Brett was achieved a Bachelors degree in Web Design with Graphic Design a 2nd option. As a senior in college ReadyTech hired Brett Senna as part time UI Developer. Proving to be a quick learner and valuable asset to ReadyTech he was presented an annual salary at ReadyTech as UI Developer working on PHP and Java web applications. Moonstone Interactive contracted Brett Senna in 2014 to be a front end web developer in charge of customizing various CMS platforms with responsive design and semantics. As a photographer at heart Brett Senna has branched off into many different niches including web development, UI/UX design, marketing consulting, information architecture, all while helping local businesses and start ups evolve. Brett’s dynamic portfolio will continue to expand with his ambitious plan to work on leading edge technology. Feel free to email or contact Brett Senna for more information about photography and other creative services.

Brett Senna Presents Digital 01 Media



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